Last update: 2013-12-11

My current OpenPGP key was created on 10 December 2013, and can be found here and on the SKS keyservers.


     3072R/E88A6FED0DF8AF2F 2013-12-10
     Key fingerprint = 9496 D402 F90E 4F2E 355F  FB5A E88A 6FED 0DF8 AF2F

The key has signing and encryption subkeys for routine use, expiring after 1 and 2 years, respectively. New subkeys are generated annually. The main (certification) key is set to expire after 3–5 years: I will extend its lifetime occasionally as long as it isn’t compromised, or unless I have some other reason to retire it.

Please refresh your keys from the keyservers regularly! Otherwise you won’t detect key revocations, expiry modifications, etc.

My keysigning policy is on a separate page.

My earlier keys should be considered “revoked,” as they are obsolete. I don’t know that any has been compromised.